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Set in the year 1614, this sumptuous martial arts/tragic romance comes across like a ninja version of Romeo and Juliet. The Shinobi are a mountain dwelling people, divided in two tribes, renowned throughout Japan for their extraordinary powers. When Oboro (Yukie Nakama) of the Tsubakakure tribe locks eyes with Gennosuke (Jo Odagiri) of the Manjidani (confusingly the tribes are also known as Iga and Koga), it’s love at first sight. But while the lovers dally by moonlight, their fellow tribesmen are displaying their supernatural fighting skills before the imperial court. Impressed, the emperor orders both tribes to battle for the honour of becoming the next shogun. As the most exceptional warriors in their tribes, Oboro and Gennosuke are called upon to lead their ninjas in battle. Horrified, the lovers try to resist, but as friends fall on either side, they are pulled towards a tragic destiny. Meanwhile, government troops advance upon both villages.

Shinobi Subtitle Indonesia

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