Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010

IP Man 1


FILMS appointed pursuant to this true story of the life of IP Man, a master of Wing Chun, which is one part of Chinese wushu. IP Man began studying Wing Chun since he was 13 years old. Because of his love of martial arts, he was willing to sacrifice in order to develop Wing Chun. Finish studying Wing Chun, IP Man decided to open his own college.

During the Japanese occupation in China, IP Man who loved his country refused to teach Wing Chun to the Japanese army. That's why he left mainland China to Hong Kong, because reluctant to cooperate with the Japanese army.

IP Man movie shows a lot of self-defense martial art Wing Chun through a realistic picture. Many people who sit on IP Man, the master of Wing Chun, some of whom became famous as Bruce Lee, who had studied for five years. The film also features important recordings of Bruce Lee's life. Curiously, the name of an IP Man himself rarely known.

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Notes : Include Subtitle Indonesia

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