Jumat, 11 September 2009

Emoticons Chat di Facebook

Hi Dear ...!, here I've been listed emoticons for facebook chat. Sometime, anybody have fun with any emoticons while they're surfing on facebook chat. So many site listed about it on their post, so I also want to follow it on my post.

Well ... lets try this on your chat!

Emoticons Code
smile  smile
:-)   :)   :]    =)
frown  frown
:-(   :(   :[    =(
tounge  tongue
:-P   :P   :-p   :p   =P
grin  grin
:-D   :D   =D
gasp  gasp
:-O   :O   :-o   :o
wink  wink
;-)   ;)
glasses  glasses
8-)   8)   B-)   B)
sunglasses  sunglasses
8-|   8|   B-|   B|
grumpy  grumpy
>:(   >:-(
unsure  unsure
:/    :-/  :\    :-\
cry  cry
devil  devil
3:)   3:-)
angel  angel
O:)   O:-)
kiss  kiss
:-*   :*
heart  heart
kiki  kiki
squint  squint
confused  confused
o.O   O.o
upset  upset
>:O   >:-O   >:o   >:-o
pacman  pacman
curlylips  curly lips
robot  robot
Putnam  Chris Putnam
shark  shark

Type like this on Chat Bar for appearing BOLD and UNDERLINE text


Or, for alternate ... if you won't to use a code or not type anything else code on chat for emoticons, you might install addons for mozilla (note: Used for people who use Firefox as their browser). It's called Greasemonkey, you must install by this link https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748. Just simple, click on button ADD TO FIREFOX and wait until installation is finish. Then, after installation is finish ... a dialogue appear to prompt you RESTART your Firefox Browser, do it as your first step.

The next step go on this link http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/56504 for install Facebook Chatbar +, go on to the button INSTALL at the top of right side on that site. Wait until installation scripts is finish then open and log in to facebook.com (note : close and reopen facebook.com if state on), now lets start chat and Chatbar look like as picture below :


Just additional, here I embed ASCII table from scribd.com for you who like use ALT+ASCII

Enjoy it and don't forget if any comment or suggestion about it please fill the comment box below! :)


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