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How to train your Dragon


Being a Viking does it mean to be able to hunt down and slay the dragon that always make mischief. That was the prevailing custom in the village of Hiccup (Jay Baruchel). Unfortunately, Hiccup is not the kind of kid that 'violent' like most kids Viking. Hiccup is a bright child and have a sense of humor.

It got a little problem for Hiccup his brilliance and sense of humor is not expected the chiefs. Moreover, if the head of the tribe is Hiccup's father himself. Stoick (Gerard Butler) expects Hiccup the Viking could be a tough fighter and one day replace him become a respected chieftain.

There was no other option but to include Hiccup into the dragon training events for Hiccup learn to be a man in the definition of Viking. Unfortunately, when you meet a dragon, Hiccup fact that even entered a new approach and abandon traditional ways Viking. Hiccup choose friends with the dragon and tried to convince the tribe that they do not have to be a dragon slayer and dragon nation could become a good friend man if the man tried to hold approach.

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