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In the year 2019, Earth is hit by violent outbreaks in a short time to infect humans and turn them into blood drinker who is known as a vampire. In a short time almost all humans have been turned into a vampire and this raises new problems. Who will they prey if people run out?

Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke), a scientist who has become a vampire would not want to have to try hard to find a way to overcome the growing shortage of people who become their source of livelihood. If humans disappeared then inevitably the vampire will lose a source of food and will become extinct as well.

The vampire has created a system to use human blood to the last drop without having to throw it in vain but still was not enough for some time that there is blood in the human body will be exhausted. Now the vampire is faced with a dilemma: find a replacement for food or trying to save humanity from extinction, something that they actually start their own.

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