Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

Dragon Tiger Gate


Movies based on comic books aren’t expected to be deep on any level, but the extent to which “Dragon Tiger Gate” goes to excising any semblance of respectable storyline borders on impressive. Of course, if you’re only after groovy martial arts duels and half-baked melodrama, then the film will certainly suffice. Based on the popular comic book by Yuk Long Wong, “Dragon Tiger Gate” is directed by Wilson Yip, who produced last year’s highly entertaining and gritty martial arts/police crime actioner “Sha Po Lang” (since re-titled “Kill Zone” for Western audiences). Action choreography comes to us courtesy of star Donnie Yen, who is quickly making a name for himself as the guy to go to when Yuen Woo Ping is not available.

“Dragon Tiger Gate” opens well enough, with the righteous but brash Tiger Wong (Nicholas Tse) getting into a brouhaha with crimelord Kwun’s gang at a restaurant. At stake is a plaque that grants Kwun a healthy share of the criminal business, delivered to him by the beautiful Rosa courtesy of masked kingpin Shibumi Lousha (Xiao Ran Li). During the restaurant ruckus, Tiger Wong ends up butting heads with his long lost brother Dragon Wong (Donnie Yen). As it so happens, Dragon left the Dragon Tiger Gate, a sort of hospice for the needy (although they only seem to train martial arts to kids, so you figure it out), many years ago, and is only now returning home.

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